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Sunday April 22, 2012 Brodie Resource Library History


Over a hundred years a lot can change and the Brodie Resource Library (formerly Fort William Public Library) has seen many changes.  Not only do we have materials in our collection that didn’t even exist in 1912, but even the building has been adapted to meet the needs of our community.  In the 1950s we needed more room and so added an extension to the original 1912 Carnegie building.  Where previously there were only stairs now we boast an elevator to make the building accessible to all patrons.


Of course it isn’t just the library that has moved forward but also the environment surrounding it.  If you look at the photo from 1957 you can see we were in a residential area.

The image from 1962 is from a slightly different angle and shows the old City Hall, and our most current photo shows the new District Social Services Administrative Board building.

To find out more about the history of this building and our region check out the Local History Collection at the Brodie Resource Library.  Browsing the Gateway to Northwestern Ontario History through our website will allow you access to digital images like the ones included as well as books, drawings and artifacts from the libraries and museums of Northwestern Ontario.  Our physical collection includes Newspapers on Microfilm - From 1875 to the present (Fort William and Port Arthur), an extensive map collection covering many subjects from mineral deposits to shipwrecks, and of course books pertinent to our city and region.

I hope this piques your interest in the fascinating    history of Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario!

 Visit the Library's Web site for details about Brodie Centennial celebrations!

Ruth Hamlin-Douglas

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