Sunday, 9 June 2013

Sunday June 9, 2013 Spring Cleaning

 Although it seems like spring has passed us by, I still feel the urge to spring clean.  Of course, spring cleaning  is much more than just cleaning the house for most of us.  It is an opportunity to go through what we have accumulated over the year(s) with a mind to organize and purge.  Your Library has many materials to help with both components of the clean-up.

If you’re looking to clean your home in an environmentally friendly manner you need look no further than Clean Home, Green Home:  The Complete Illustrated Guide to Eco-Friendly Homekeeping by Kimberly Delaney.  Delaney guides you in cleaning your home without the use of toxic chemicals.  It may come as a surprise that you can have a germ-free clean home without those chemicals so prevalent in commercial cleaning solutions.  While this guide is illustrated, if you would like even more visuals for green cleaning check out Green Cleaning For a Healthy Home on DVD.  In this program from the Green Living series Emmanuel Rey guides viewers through products you can buy or make yourself.  Rey also demonstrates effective, chemical free cleaning methods.  There are of course many other titles to check out in this area.  I’m currently reading A Guide to Natural Housekeeping by Christina Strutt to assist me in greening my home.  It’s chock full of interesting tips and recipes.

Alright, so now our homes are clean, time to get organized!  There are many books on home organization and it is such a popular topic that there are an ever increasing number of television programs devoted to this topic.  Yet in spite of all these great examples I still need a periodic boost to get me going again.  Not to be missed is Organize Your Life:  Free Yourself from Clutter and Find More Personal Time by Ronni Eisenberg and Kate Kelly.  Not only does the book offer tips to help get things done, but it also provides tools and tips for every part of your life.  From managing what things you have to what you have to do this book has something for everyone.  Another title to check out is The Ultimate Guide to Clearing Your Clutter:  Liberate Your Space, Clear Your Mind, and Bring in Success by Mary Lambert.  Lambert provides practical advice in conjunction with spiritual techniques.  She provides maps to look at clutter hot spots and balances this with feng shui principles to understand your connection to clutter.

When it’s time to purge check out SHED Your Stuff, Change Your Life:  A Four-Step Guide to Getting Unstuck by Julie Morgenstern.  Sometimes organizing just isn’t enough and we need to get rid of things.  Psychologically it can be challenging, but Morgenstern helps the reader separate treasures from trash and making the changes stick.   There are a plethora of other books on this subject so come in and get organized!

Ruth Hamlin-Douglas

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