Sunday, 6 April 2014

Sunday April 6th, 2014 Life Changing Stories at Your Library

Many of us use books everyday to assist with making changes in our life. We find instructional books to help change the way we do things such as be a better cook, fix a leaky pipe, or manage our finances. There are books that change what we know about the world by broadening our knowledge such as teaching us about the solar system, the history of Canada, or the life of a world leader. But there are also books that change our lives at a deeper, personal level. These are the books that lead us to be the change. We become inspired to do something different with our lives in order to make a positive change in the world. We volunteer, make a donation, adopt an animal, support an activist group, live a greener lifestyle, or simply smile at a stranger. 


Usually in our Library Detective columns, we suggest titles for you to pick up from the Library. We find these titles through a variety of ways; staff or patron suggestions, online lists, or randomly selecting from the library shelves. But to suggest a book that has changed the life of one person does not mean it will have the same life changing effect on you. We are all wonderfully different. And along with books, fiction and non-fiction, movies and music can also influence positive change. Therefore, I recommend that you visit your Thunder Bay Public Library because you never know where on our shelves that life changing story is waiting.


We also invite you to share with us your favourite life changing books here on our blog!

Lindsey Long

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